Amazon Sacred Headwaters 2030
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Your support will help protect this ecologically significant ecosystem and the legal rights of its indigenous stewards and help to ensure a livable climate for future generations.

A visión from

the future

What is The

Bioregional Plan?


 Illustrated by the celebrated Ecuadorian artists Sofia Acosta and David Sur, and narrated by indigenous storyteller Elizabeth Swanson Andi, this 9-minute film will takes viewers on a journey set in 2041, looking back at how an indigenous-led movement succeeded in permanently protecting the Amazon Sacred Headwaters region.


This short-film portrays the proposal for the future of the Amazon and the world by featuring inspiring solutions from our recently launched Bioregional Plan 2030, which has developed on a 3 years process of participatory envisioning and planning by 30 indigenous nations in Ecuador and Northern Peru and civil society organizations. 

This plan is a proposal for an ecological transition that comes from an indigenous vision backed by it´s  allies, to show that not only extractivism means development but that there are other options.

From ASHI, we want to show the world that it is not necessary to pollute forests and rivers to develope, that a new form of economy is possible without violating rights, ecosystems or territories for life.

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